Thale Blanc Collection Launch feat. The Pochette

Designer Deborah Sawaf knows what she’s doing. Created to fit the lifestyle of a woman on the go, the accessibility and functionality of the Thale Blanc Pochette is undeniable. Available in both a single and double pocket design, it holds the basic necessities of every day use without the added bulk of the usual overstuffed handbag. It features a single chain with a leather shoulder rest, and adornments that can be added to personalize your Pochette include feathers, studded charms, and sentimental trinkets. The pochette can be worn cross body, around the waist, as a wristlet, or as adornment to your larger bag.
Leather clutches adorned with jeweled knobs, sparkling leopards, and sprays of butterflies were also on the scene.
Inside scoop: Some of the things Deborah said inspired her when designing her collection was the theme of nature, family, and her daily schedule of juggling motherhood and business. Although the leopard motif was inspired by Cartier in the last century, the butterfly motif on one particular clutch symbolizes the family structure of a mother to her kin- always traveling as a group with the mother at the helm in guidance and protection.
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